Air Conditioning Installation

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Air Conditioning Installation

Knowing when to switch out your home’s air conditioning system is a difficult decision. It is a troublesome choice to stop repairing the old system and instead put resources into another more efficient air cooling system. We can make this decision of whether or not to change your air conditioning system much easier. Our heat and cooling specialists can direct you and inform you of what your options are so you can make a much more educated decision. 

Getting Your Home Ready For An AC Replacement

There are many tasks necessary to be done before our installation crew arrives at your property. We have listed these out for you so you can refer to them before they arrive. 

  • Removing large branches, decor, garden hoses, and other various items near your AC system. This way our technicians can work diligently to get your AC unit installed.
  • Removing all pets and animals from where heating and cooling specialists will be working. This way they do not get in the way and cause accidents.
  • Removing vehicles from where plumbing specialists will be parking and transporting tools. It is preferred to park as close as possible to the property so that technicians can go in and out quickly with their tools. This will allow for your AC system to be installed quicker. 

Typically, for AC installations, our crew will consist of either 1 head specialist and 1-2 assistants. They will come in and locate the unit to be replaced, assess the surrounding area, and prepare the site for replacement. 


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