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Air Conditioning Repair

There are many signs that will tell you if you need an air conditioning repair. Some are obvious and some… not so much. These signs are good to know so you can limit your problem to a simple repair and not a whole new installation. At WeTrust Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we are here for you. We wouldn’t want you to be stuck in a house overheating! This is why we wrote this list specifically for you. That way you can sit on your couch and stay CHILL AS ICEEE.

Seven Signs You Need Your AC Repaired!

  • Hot Air: This is the most common problem home owners see. Hot air blowing out of the vent while the thermostat is set to 60! There could be a variety of reasons but two common ones are compressor issues or restricted airflow. These are simple fixes that your specialist can assist you with.
  • Cycling Frequently: Routine cycles are normal when it comes to air conditioning systems. It is expected that it will cycle more often in the summer but once you realize that it is constantly turning on and off, it means something is not okay. 
  • Poor Airflow: an inefficient air conditioning unit is more common than you would think. Sometimes it is due to a lack of yearly maintenance. Build up can occur inside that will limit this air flow. If this has always been an issue and is nothing new then you can look into an energy recovery ventilator. It can ensure that you will be getting the perfect amount of airflow exactly where you need it the most. 
  • Water Leaks: Leakage coming from your AC unit is a sign that it is condensing too much. Water condensation is normal but not when it builds up in a puddle so much that it leaks down. This can damage your home and will end up making your AC unit unrepairable. 
  • Funky Noises: Many air conditioning units make noise as the startup and shutdown. This you probably are already familiar with. But very sudden loud or unusual noise sporadically coming from your AC unit is not normal. Sometimes you will hear buzzing or rattling which can indicate a loose part. Grinding and whistling, however, indicates something serious. Unusual noises do not simply go away on their own. It is important for you to get a specialist in to diagnose and solve this ASAP. 
  • Very High Humidity: Your AC unit should ideally moderate the humidity levels on its own. Sometimes AC systems need a quick recalibration to get them into tip top shape. Our specialists can help with that. 
  • Bad Odors: If you smell something unpleasant coming from your system, you will definitely want to address it before it gets and smellier! Sometimes rodents make their way into the system and sometimes it needs a tune-up. A full cleaning can remove any smells. You can also ask our specialists about adding ultraviolet (UV) lamps to your AC unit to stop the odors by limiting microbial growth. 



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