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Furnace Installation

In the city and suburbs of Chicago, one can not even consider living without a furnace. We Chicagoans surely don’t have it easy when it comes to cold weather. This is why furnaces are necessary devices that some never even think about. Whether it’s commercial or residential, a furnace is one of the top three major investments of a property. It makes sense for you to shop around different heating specialists when looking to get one installed. There are various factors as to why you would need a new furnace. It could be for new construction, updating your old furnace after years of use, or replacing your furnace due to damages. Nevertheless, all furnace installations are quite similar.

Types of Furnaces

There are various types of furnaces. The most popular are gas furnaces. Electric and oil furnaces are also out there but are less common. Gas furnaces are great choices for the harsh Chicago winters and are most recommended. They are a little more costly up front but have cheaper monthly costs than electric models. 

Furnace BTU Capacity

In order to calculate how many BTU you would need for your home a small calculation would be needed. The calculation is something like this: multiply every square foot of your home by 30 to 60. Multiplying by 30 would be if you do not need much efficiency and are okay with a slower heat up time while multiplying by 60 would be if you need a highly efficient furnace. We here at WeTrust recommend multiplying with 60 to effectively fight back the Chicago winters. This means that if a person lived in a 2,000 square-foot Chicago home they would multiply 2,000 by 60 and reach the recommended BTU capacity their home would need of 120,000 BTU. However, there is nothing wrong with getting a furnace with slightly less BTU like 100,000 or even 80,000. This would lower your upfront cost slightly but wouldn’t have much effect on your monthly cost while reducing some efficiency. WeTrust heating and cooling specialists can assist you in making this decision. 

Features of Your New Furnace

Like a car, your furnace can either be decked out or can be just as basic as the next guys. There are many cool add on you can place on your furnace to increase use and personal comfort. Some are more necessary than others but all are optional. We have ranked them from most to least important for you. 

  • Air Filtration: In our eyes, air filtration systems are a must have. They cut the spread of dust down in the system itself and in the air you breathe. They are great for people with allergies and asthma. 
  • Ignition System: Will actually eliminate a continuous burning pilot flame. By doing this, there won’t be a tiny lit flame in your furnace at all times. It will thus increase your furnaces efficiency and will lower your monthly cost by just a smidge. 
  • Variable Speed Blower: Prevents large swings in the temperature and brings you controlled air in a quieter and slower manner. Ask your heating and cooling specialist about variable heat outputs to go along with your variable speed blower.
  • Dual Heat Exchanger: Brings max efficiency to your furnace by drawing heat from already burned gas. 
  • Zoned Heating: This feature allows you to choose specific areas to heat up. This way you can save on your monthly bill by only heating up the parts of your home which you are using. 


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